Photos from the other side of life

2016 Seattle Pride Parade

Morocco 2015

Travel & Adventure

OMG Photo brings to you the people and places of the world. Our photographers are often available for assignments on a moment’s notice. We love working with NGOs to document their efforts around the world. For NGOs, we often work in cooperation with Philanthropoiesis and The Travel Writers to help you create marketing/PR materials to support your fundraising efforts.


Events & Portraits

Events and portraits are a specialty in photography that not every photographer can do well. I have been doing them well for many years. Recently, I have developed a system for setting up a mobile studio that enables me to come to you. I can set up, shoot, and hand over your corporate style headshots in than 30 minutes. Almost any location can be used, and you can easily have your shots done during your lunch hour. Taking only 30 minutes means the cost to you is lower than other photographers. I change $100 for the entire thing and that includes electronic copies of every photo.

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