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OMG Photo is not about your everyday photography. We strive to capture the unique, the special, the OMG shot from off the beaten path. We strive to exceed your expectations in a way you never expected. We travel for those that are unable. We venture into places and situations that many people never will. One of our side projects is called “Doing it on the Street”, where we are documenting the sights and sounds on the streets of the world with particular emphasis on buskers (street performers). Please take a look. If you have a place, event or situation that you would like us to capture for you, please feel free to contact us. Whether it is an event you created and just need a photographer, or a place you will never be able to see, drop us a line. We might just have someone headed that way, in the area, or just feeling adventurous enough to go check it out for you.

With our partners, Philanthropoiesis and The Travel Writers, we offer a unique set of services to select NGOs around the world. Please visit Philanthropoiseis.org for more information.

Nathan Lake

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